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This blog, and the articles within it, are an initiative of Kalinda Primary School in Ringwood Australia.

The internet is an incredibly powerful tool, and for our children there has never been a time when it didn’t exist. As they grow older it becomes their automatic ‘go to’ for almost everything: games, movies, information, directions, tickets to events, communicating with friends, or just finding something out.  And almost everything they use has a social layer attached to it. For example, for my generation, playing computer games was a very individual exercise. For kids today it is incredibly social. They can not only play with or against other real people, but also engage in chat streams and video calls with those people while they do it. For us parents, it has never been harder to keep a track on all the things our children are doing online.

In fact, the demands on parents of this current generation of children are unprecedented and can seem quite daunting. Never before has a generation had such immediate, portable, easy and almost ubiquitous access to the online world. And its about to get even more ubiquitous, as internet enabled ‘smart’ watches and even glasses are about to hit the market. We face the immense challenge of not just ‘keeping up’ with what our kids are up to online, but somehow forming enough of an understanding of it to be able to guide our children in the safe and ethical use of online tools.

On the flip side, our children are entering an exciting world where new technologies are making so many things that were the stuff of fantasy for us a reality for them. If we can teach them how to use these technologies safely, ethically, and purposely, the world is their oyster.

In this new blog each week we’ll be looking at ICT and the online world from a parent’s perspective. We’ll be discussing some common issues and providing tips and helpful resources for parents to help them better understand what their kids are up to online (or soon will be up to as they grow older!), the potential dangers, and the enormous positive potential of different technologies as well.  Our hope is that this information can assist parents to be more confident in their role of guiding their children safely through their first steps into the digital world.


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