Managing Minecraft

16_14_29If you’re a parent of teens or tweens you’ve probably been shown Minecraft by your kids. Most likely you’ve watched in amazement as they’ve become hooked on this game which has graphics that wouldn’t have even been considered state of the art when you were a kid.

But after that amazement you may have entered the ‘worried’ phase, as your child became more and more involved in building things, trying to protect themselves from zombies, and even meeting other users in this fantasy world.

So what’s the deal with Minecraft? What’s it all about, what are the risks, and is it appropriate for your child to be playing?

At its heart Minecraft is a fantastically simple game that provides kids with a world where they can build almost anything their imagination allows them to. It can be educational and is used in lots of schools to teach Maths, Geography and Physics. There are enormous positives to Minecraft, but some things you need to be aware of as well, particularly with younger children.

ACMA has put together a great little summary about Minecraft for parents here. It’s designed to be short, to the point, and answer the key questions parents might have.


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