Sharing Photos Online

In our last post we looked at Geotagging and the importance of making sure when you post photos online you are not inadvertently sharing a whole lot more information about yourself than you might have realized.

This week I wanted to continue the theme of sharing photos online because it is now the most common thing that children and young adults do on social networks. There are a lot of factors to consider before sharing a photo, or even sending it to just one other person.

One important point for our children to realize is that as soon as they send a photo to even one other person, the choice about whether that item stays ‘private’ or not is no longer only with them. The privacy of the picture is now also dependent upon the person you sent that picture to. Effectively, as soon as you send a photo to anyone, it is out of your control what happens to it.

That’s why considering a whole range of factors before you share a photo, either with one person or one hundred, is very important.

The poster below is a great guide for older students (and parents) to help them make considered and informed decisions before sharing any photos online, particularly those that include other people. It comes to us from ‘Common Sense Media’.

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